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About me

With more than 20 years experience in the garment industry, I have worked in the famous New York City Garment Center, first as a showroom model, then went on to become a manufacturer, designer and retailer. I have always been an avid sale searcher, but when medical problems landed me in bed for several months and prevented me from returning to manufacturing and designing, I turned my passion for clothing and bargain hunting into a new career.

My first book, Dress Like a Million Bucks, While Spending Only Pennies, is now available. I also deliver educational seminars on the subject, and bring my shopping techniques to the masses through tours - Tightwad Treks- to all the places I write about.

Shopping Excursions - Tightwad Treks

Dress Like a Diva...
Shop Like a Tightwad!

Join me, Pamela Parisi - The Elegant Tightwad in NYC on my fabulous Tightwad Treks. Build a gorgeous wardrobe for pennies on the dollar of regular retail. Expect current season designer fashions at wholesale and below prices.

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