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How Do You Stretttttcchhh your Clothing $$? 5 Money-Saving Tips!

How do you currently save money on clothing?? Scouting sales racks, using coupons, simply buying less ? these are all good moneysaving strategies.? But let?s go even deeper into the saving?s mindset.? Here are 5 tips you can use on a regular basis to save even more money on a clothing budget…

Before you leave home:

1) Clean your closet ? Bottom line, if you don?t know what you have, you don?t know what you need.? And of course, if you don?t know what you need, you?re going to waste money.? Since wasting and money are polar opposites, cleaning out your closet and doing an inventory of what you already have is one way to avoid wasting so you can save more.

Be ruthless!? Go through you closet carefully and get rid of items that are no longer right for you.? Keep only what fits and flatters you, what is age appropriate and what is currently in fashion (or can be made fashionable with minimal changes).

While shopping, ask yourself the following questions before you make a purchase:

2) What would I wear this to?? Perhaps you?ve found a Roberto Cavalli gown to die for, andit fits you like a glove!? Plus, it?s only $20!!? ?How can you lose??? Well, unless you?re strutting down the red carpet anytime soon, even that purchase would be a total waste of $20.? Of course, that?s an extreme example.? But if you work at a daycare center and the closest city sits 100-miles away, then you probably don?t need a Tahari suit, even if it is reduced by 80%.

3) What would I wear this with?? The second key question to ask yourself when you?re holding a fabulous find is: what would you wear it with?? I have found that if I don?t already have something that matches, or if I?m unable to buy it right then and there, then most likely, this fabulous find will hang in my closet ? with the tags still attached!? What bigger waste of money is there?? But since we?ve already cleaned out your closets, we can think through our inventory, so we don?t head home with an item of clothing that goes with absolutely nothing.

4) Would I buy this at full price?? Sales are seductive.? It?s a thrill to get that little rush when you find something at an incredible price!? But don?t let the price be the only criteria you have for plunking down your dough.? To avoid being sucked in, ask yourself this simple question.? If the answer is not a resounding ?yes,? then again, it?s probably something you won?t wear.? If you aren?t going to wear it, it?s a waste of money, no matter how good the price.

After you get your purchases home:

5) Invest in a steamer.? If your clothing lasts longer, you will not have to replace items as often.? A simple hand steamer can be a great money-saving technique!? Our clothing experiences the most wear-and-tear in the washing machine and dryer.? By using a steamer to clean and press clothing in between washes, you can reduce the number of washes needed and extend the life of a garment.